Things You Should Know about Beer Koozies

Beer koozies are like manna from heaven when you’re outdoors, watching a game, hunting outdoors, or having a barbecue party. They keep your beer snug to hold, cold to drink, and they’re lovely to look at, too.

What’s a Beer Koozie?
A beer koozie, cosy, or coosie is a jacket or coat made to keep beer and beverage bottles and cans cool or warm, whichever you prefer. They come in various shapes, sizes, and designs and are often used as promotional merchandise for businesses. Beer koozies often come with zipped locks to keep bottles or cans secure within it.

The beer koozie originated from the stubby holder, a 1967 invention of Alex Lang in Australia.

What Beer Koozies Are Made of
Beer koozies used to be made purely of foam. Holes are often provided in the base of koozies to prevent vacuum creation. Nowadays, however, beer koozies are often made from neoprene or foam variants of it for lighter weight and cheaper production costs.

How Beer Koozies Market Businesses
Shop around and you’ll see a lot of beer koozies bearing the logo and name of a particular business. Beer koozies are not disposable. Wash them after use and they’re good as new. Now, imagine if it were your business’s logo and name stamped on the koozie and it’s used everywhere. This increases exposure for your business and soon, your business could very well be a household name all because of your beer koozies.

How to Choose the Right Beer Koozie
Always look for a snug fit. Some koozies are made for particular beers and they’re sure to have a perfect fit. Also, look for sturdy zippers. It would never do to have a koozie whose zipper snaps off at the slightest pressure. Last but not the least, choose the beer koozie with an appealing design. If you’re going to use it often, you might as well choose something nice to look at!

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