How to Decorate Blank Koozies

Cooling coats for beers and other beverages are excellent tools for your company’s marketing campaign. Give them away at bars, sports stadiums, and beaches, and people will be more than eager to make use of them. But first, let’s get on decorating a blank koozie for maximum marketing benefit.

Shape and Size
When ordering blank koozies for your business, the first thing you’ll be probably asked is its shape and size. Most koozies are based on standard beer bottles but there also those created for beer and beverage cans as well as for 40 oz bottles. A different size could always be accommodated, but this may cost you more.

The shape of blank koozies tends to follow that of the bottle or can, but jersey koozies are becoming increasingly popular. The latter is a perfect choice if your company is sponsoring a particular sports team or league.

The background color of a blank koozie is entirely up to you. Keep in mind, however, that light-colored blank koozies are easier to see in the dark while dark-colored koozies are better at concealing dirt smudges and the likes. Such things should be considered in relation to the types of events your target market would most likely be using koozies for.

Take your time choosing the right design for your blank koozie. An ordinary logo of your business simply won’t do. Remember: your beer koozies will be often brandished about by your customers and you need to take advantage of that. You need to make your logo and your business name eye-catching for better brand recall.

Finally, you might want to inform your manufacturer about special elements you wish to incorporate with blank koozies. If you are envisioning how your koozies will be most likely used in boating trips then maybe a life jacket koozie is appropriate for your company. Such koozies are not only capable of keeping your beer warm, but they also prevent them from sinking to oblivion if you accidentally drop them in the water.

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