Can Koozies: The Perfect Gift in Personal and Business Gathering

Can koozies make the perfect party favor, souvenir, or freebie in personal and business gatherings. They’re not only affordable but useful as well, enough to create fond memories of the giver and achieve brand recognition for businesses.

What Are Can Koozies?
A can koozie is a snug coat created to keep a beverage warm or cool. It is also known as a can cozy, coolie, or coozie. The best can koozies are collapsible to fit a variety of can sizes and come with zippers to keep beverages secure within their confines.

Materials used often for producing can koozies are the same materials used for created wet suits. These fabrics are what makes it possible for koozies to keep your beer icy cold even in the hottest days of summer.

Factors to Consider When Designing Can Koozies

Most manufacturing companies have set minimum requirements for producing can koozies. Even if you don’t have as many expected recipients to meet the minimum quota, you’ll probably be charged for the same rate. As such, it’s better to have the minimum number produced then keep extra items at home for personal use or as future gifts for loved ones and acquaintances.

Can koozies don’t have to be cylindrical at all times; they can also come in the shape of jerseys and shirts or even a military uniform if that would suit your needs better. In some cases, can koozies may also be made like life jackets and act like one, too!

Production companies also often have a standard palate of colors for clients to choose from. Customized colors are certainly possible, but they often come at extra charge. Size restrictions are also often provided and again, you’ll be charged an additional fee if you happen to go beyond them.

For business purposes, can koozies can bear the name, logo, and tagline for your business. As party favors, they can bear happy messages for your guests or a fond line or two to commemorate the event.

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