Quick Tips for Designing Personalized Koozies

Koozies are compact coats made of foam, neoprene, or something similar and adequate for maintaining the temperature of your beverages. It’s great for keeping your coffee hot or your beer icy cold!

Where to Use Personalized Koozies
A personalized koozie is a perfect gift or souvenir for any event. They make wonderful giveaways in corporate events because you can have your company name and logo printed on all sides. Every time your customer lifts his koozie-covered-beer to his lips, your business name is there for everyone to see.

Personalized koozies also make beautiful presents. You can have the name of the birthday boy printed on a koozie and he’ll never have to suffer warm beers for the rest of his life. You can also give away personalized koozies with naughty messages on bachelor and bachelorette parties. With the right personalized message and image, a koozie can be the ideal gift for any occasion!

How to Make Personalized Koozies
Let’s start with the size and shape. There’s no rule that states koozies have to come in standard form. If it will make your gift more special, you can design jersey koozies or even pencil-shaped koozies to give away in writing seminars and workshops.

Colors say a lot so you can also personalize your koozie with a customized color. This will no doubt fetch higher production costs, but the unique, brilliant shade of your koozies can help draw more attention from your target market.

Consider matching the image and text with the occasion. Red and green koozies go along well with Christmas themes while koozies with black candles and orange text are perfect for Halloween events.

Then again, why does the idea have to be from you alone? If you’re lacking ideas for your gathering, why not order for blank koozies then set everyone to creating personalized designs for them? The winning design could then be used for koozies that you’ll give away to other people.

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