5 Reasons Why Stadium Cups Make the Perfect Choice for Promotion

Stadium cups are fast becoming one of the most popular items used as corporate giveaways. If you are thinking about having your business give away freebies for marketing as well, here are five reasons why stadium cups make the perfect choice.

Promotional stadium cups today are made of plastic. Sure, they can also be made of foam or even paper but plastic is still the best choice because of its resilience and durability. Plastic stadium cups won’t crack when they’re accidentally dropped to the ground. Neither can you accidentally tear it apart or crush it under your foot when you step on it.

It’s durable, which means it can be reusable as well as long as it’s given a good washing. Consequently, the longer it stays with your customer then the greater exposure it could give to your business.

Good for Any Event
Stadium cups are good for all kinds of sports events. As long as there are people cheering, stadium cups can be distributed and they’ll be used accordingly. But stadium cups don’t have to be exclusively linked to sports.

Stadium cups can also be given away in non-sport events whether outdoors or indoors. They are, after all, essentially cups and as long as there are beverages being distributed then it’s all good. Stadium cups are perfect for housewarming, barbecue, and pool parties.

Good for Almost Any Beverage
As for the kind of beverage it can hold, it can be virtually anything except for extremely hot liquids like coffee or tea. But stadium cups are the ideal choice for booze, soda, iced tea, and other drinks often served in informal areas. Stadium cups may not be ideal for champagne and fine wine but hey! Some tasteful design can easily make stadium cups as good as flute glasses.

Naturally, the best corporate giveaways are fully customizable and you certainly get that from stadium cups. Designs can be printed anywhere on its walls and even on its bottom. You can also choose what type of plastic should be used for your stadium cup giveaway as well as its size, color, shape, and even its packaging!

Stadium ups, as mentioned earlier on, can be used virtually anywhere. This is good for the business because as long as it’s used and held for everyone to see, other people can see the name or logo of your business. If they like how you designed them, they’ll ask how to get one for themselves and you can probably take it from there, can’t you?

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