How to Personalize Stadium Cups to Improve Marketing Results

Merely giving away free stadium cups won’t do the trick. If you want to maximize its impact on sales and brand awareness, stadium cups must be personalized and able to broadcast the right message to your target market.

Let’s start with the color. The right colors make stadium cups more visible. They can even call to mind your company if it matches the colors used in your business name, logo, or other trademarks. Keep in mind that you can use more than one color for the background of your stadium cup, but this would cost you more and make designing a greater challenge.

Speaking of designs, let’s move on to what kind of message your stadium cup should bear. The design says everything about your stadium cup so be careful of what you have printed on it. Sometimes, the simple ones are best. If you believe that having only a discreet print of your company name and logo would do then so be it.

If you have artwork ready for your stadium cup giveaways, you usually have to submit this to the printing company. They’ll let you know how accurate they’re able to render it and the estimate of having it printed. As always, the bigger the print size, the greater the cost!

Size and Weight
How large do you want it to be? Larger stadium cups will give you a larger printing area but it also amounts to greater costs and really, how large do your customers really need their stadium cups to be? As for weight, this will depend on the size and, in a way, the type of plastic used in your business.

Order Process
Don’t focus on the design alone. Make sure you choose the right company to transact with as well. They must be capable of complying with your requirements to the letter, dealing with rush orders, and meeting deadlines.

A sample of your personalized stadium cup must be furnished as soon as possible. If all goes well, your orders should be ready at least one week prior to the event. If there turns out to be any production errors, you still have some time to produce a new batch or two.

Consider payment options as well. Credit card and check payments must be accepted whether you’re ordering online or in person. You must not be asked for more than 50% down payment for bulk orders.

Remember to keep these in mind the next time you order for stadium cups!

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