Great Band Promotional Products

There are many ways for you to promote your band. You can put up billboards advertising your latest album or single. You can shoot a music video and have it aired on different television stations at strategic times. You can even hand out free samples of your album or single at the record store. However, these promotional products will be temporary, and can be see only by a few people at a certain time of the day. You can spread the word about your band faster, and at a more sustained pace, with promotional products.

You may think about ballpoint pens and notepads for your promotional products, and you might already be cringing. However, these are not the only ways for you to promote your bands through custom-labeled products. In fact, they can be designed in great ways so that your promotions will not appear cheesy or cheap. Here are a few examples of some great band promotional products that you might be interested in.

• True, notepads and writing materials might be something suited better to a local convention, but why not try a notepad with a watermark of your album cover? What about a notebook urging people to keep journals or writing songs? By extending your artistic temperament to your fans, you might be able to raise the next generation of musicians.

• Some companies can do custom-designed guitar picks for your band that you can give as prizes.

• Try handing out custom koozies at your next big concert so that your fans can still enjoy their cool drinks – and take home your name to enjoy with even more cool drinks!

T-shirts are always a great way to carry out your promotions. Have great colors and designs aside from the usual logo on a single color of cloth. Tie-dyed shirts are great for the summer, while black shirts can be great for the cooler months. Try for tank tops for the girls and even jerseys for the men.