Tips for Buying Cheap Promotional Products

If you have a business that you would like to market, then you have doubtless toyed with the idea of promotional products. A lot of businesses invest their money in such marketing ventures, and with the hope that their corporate logo, as well as all that they represent, will be carried far and wide with a useful product that bears their name. Some companies opt for personalized golf balls, which can be useful for corporate golf outings. Other companies go for customized coolers, attaché cases, and even knapsacks or handbags.

However, if you are working on a tight budget, you can still avail yourself of cheap promotional products. Keep in mind, however, that cheap does not mean stingy. You can still come up with a great promotional product that has your logo and can still be useful. After all, the best promotional products are those that are able to serve the recipient well, not those that are overly expensive but are only made to gather dust. What use would a customized figurine have except to lounge on a shelf – and why not invest your money in something more useful for your clients, and something that they can take anywhere they go?

If you are looking for promotional items that are easy on the budget, here are a few tips:

- Scout around for companies that offer big discounts on bulk purchases. You may have to haggle or bargain a bit if you are on a budget, but have a lot of great ideas. There are a lot of companies out there that will offer you very low prices on your purchases – all you need to do is look and be vigilant, as some prices still do not include set up and shipping fees.

- Go for something useful: you can have ballpoint pens, fans, and even folders with your company logo on them, and they can be cheap. These are practical items that any office or businessperson will need.

- Avoid anything useless even if it is very cheap. For instance, you might opt to get a set of toothpicks or a matchbook. True, these aren't useless, but how often do you use toothpicks or a matchbook? Now think, how often do you use ballpoint pens and notepads?