Ideas for Your Expo Promotional Products

One day, your company or corporation may participate in an exposition. In one such event, you will be pitted against many other different companies that have their own marketing, selling, and promotional methods. You will be one amongst tens, hundreds, maybe even thousands of companies that are all there for a reason. It may be to showcase new products, sell off old inventory, provide a preview of the advances your company can expect in the years to come, and simply shine out in the crowd. But how, indeed, can you shine when you have so many people to go up against?

One way would be for you to have promotional products that your clients or prospective customers can pick up. Moreover, these promotional products should have your logo: your logo can be circulated through the expo showroom or hall, and if your logo is visible enough, your prospective customers or clients can act as your personal billboards. At its most basic, the best expo promotional product is easy to carry, and has your logo visible. Here are a few ideas for you to take into account.

- Remember how hard it is to carry all those paraphernalia and brochures in one hand? Why not give your customers an expandable folder that closes and seals well? Put your logo in front and you can have your clients lugging it around, and showing your name and logo off.

- The same principle applies to a mesh or eco-friendly bag. Have your customers pick this up in your booth, and then have them place their things in the bag. You effectively cover up the other logos – devious, isn't it? – and still have the chance to show off your logo.

- Pens always do the trick, but avoid one that needs to be uncapped. Go for a pen that has plunger action so that your clients can pull it out immediately and use it. Better yet, have a pen that your prospective clients can wear around their necks so that they can use them right on the expo floor.