Ideas for Some Green Promotional Products

With global warming starting to heat up the world, and with our world in constant peril from everything from pollution to noise, we all have the duty to be friendly to our environment. Corporations today are no different: they have started to fund cleanup efforts, published their own statements on their commitment to help the environment, and adopted policies that allow them to produce the same products and services, but without contributing to environmental decay or degradation.

One way that corporations can show their commitment to the environment is to go green for their promotional products. There are many different eco-friendly products out on the market, and you can have your logo printed on them and use these products to bolster your eco-friendly image. Not only will you be helping the planet by reducing our refuse, you will also project a great image of your company as one that cares for more than profit.

What are the different eco-friendly, green promotional products available? You can give away organic grocery bags: this can be a great way for you to spread the word on your company, since people will be carrying these grocery bags at the grocery store, where a large slice of your market will be. Such totes can be useful, especially for people who do not want to keep using plastic bags for their groceries.


Some companies also produce eco-friendly products such as shirts made from recycled material, caps made from bamboo fibers, and stylish bags made from fibers that do not require environment-harming chemicals to weave or dye. These can be labeled with your logo, and you can use them at company outings, golf events, and banquets. They can also make great giveaways to your corporate partners, or at company parties.


These are only a few examples of green promotional products. For more information, talk to your promotional products company about green options for your promotional wares.