Tips for Getting Hotel Promotional Products

A hotel might appear not to need any more promotional products, but guess what – a hotel is more than a building. It is a place for you to rest, a place where people lay down their cares and go to sleep, and a place that is, all its own, a home away from home. The promotions of a hotel will make or break this image, and a hotel needs to keep this wholesome, home-oriented image up in order to prosper.

Promotions, therefore, needs to go beyond the usual magazine or newspaper spread, and beyond the fancy television commercial. Promotional products can help a hotel keep up its home image, and it can spread the word about the hotel especially if the hotel belongs to a faraway resort. Here are a few tips for getting hotel promotional products.

- Don't limit yourself to leaving promotional items in hotel rooms for your guests to pick up. Leave some at the lobby of the hotel, or have a booth at the mall. Hook up with another company that does a lot of promotions work so that you can have them display and give away your promotional items, too.

- You're safe to stick with the conventional items, such as notepads and ballpoint pens. These are what businessmen use and you will most likely get the word out fast on your hotel. Just be sure to have high quality pens and pads that businesspeople would actually use and be proud to show off.

- Avoid glaring or neon colors for your promotional items. Remember, you have a classy image to show off, and you need to keep to that image. Just don't be too staid or boring and learn to draw the line between dignified looking and drab.

- Give away hotel promotional items at hotel parties. This can be a great way to get a lot of people to show off your products without you having to try too hard to get the word out.