Have More Fun in Corporate Celebrations with Sticky Notes

Are you celebrating your business' tenth anniversary? Or perhaps your company has recently received an award that recognizes its excellent service or performance? Whatever reason you have for celebrating, you can make the occasion more fun just by using – are you ready? – post-it notes!

Secret Notes

Place promotional sticky notes randomly under guest chairs. Later on, ask people to check their chairs and those with sticky notes underneath them will be able to receive prizes.

The same method can also be used for determining team groupings and participants for a certain game. You can use color-coded sticky notes to determine which candidates will get some action in which game.

Message Board

Many parties make use of message boards. Here, guests write their comments or express their well-wishes. They make a great and sentimental memento, but they can be quite tedious to prepare. Firstly, you'll need an adequately-sized board. If you choose something small, not all of your guests might be able to sign and those who are able to may be forced to write using tiny, nearly invisible letters so as not to hog all the space.

Location is also important especially when you're using a huge message board. You need to choose a place that's convenient, accessible, and large enough to accommodate the size of your message board as well as the writing needs and preferences of your guests.

Cost can also be a factor. If you're inviting a lot of guests, you might need to make use of more than one message board. If you use a cork board, you'll need to purchase enough thumb tacks to pin your notes securely.

All these problems, however, are eliminated when you make use of sticky notes. Start by looking for a simple board – a cork board would also do or even a makeshift one – to use. It doesn't have to be big at all. Choose the best location for it. Next, distribute sticky notes to your guests. With sticky notes, they can write conveniently on tables rather than having to queue up to write vertically on walls.

When they're finished writing their notes, they can stick it on the board and that's it! The board doesn't have to be big since the sticky notes can be piled on top of each other.

Puzzle Contests

Use sticky notes to create jigsaw puzzles – challenging and inspiring ones to build teamwork, improve time management, and develop leadership – your members can solve. Because they're sticky notes, you can have them solve the puzzles on the wall for the whole party to see. Be sure to shout “ready, stick, go!”

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