Let Sticky Notes Boost Your Creativity

Sticky notes or personalized Post-it® notes can be a big help to your marketing campaign especially when you take heed of the tips below!

Puzzling Messages of Encouragement
Sticky notes don’t always have to be given away in marketing campaign. Neither do they have to be exclusively used as a promotional tool. Sticky notes can also be used for their original purpose and that’s to write messages on them.

Send out messages of encouragement to your marketing staff with sticky notes. If possible, maybe you can even create short fun puzzles wherein its secret message contains your heartfelt words of encouragement and support for your marketing team.

From Task to Raffle
Sticky notes have always been used for delegating tasks. When a task is completed, the sticky note is torn off and thrown away. But not this time! You can put sticky notes to better use by making sticky notes with completed tasks as raffle tickets of your employees. At the end of the day, you can raffle out small prizes – they can be something as simple – but delicious! – as an order of mocha frap from Starbucks or a dinner reservation in a nearby restaurant. It’s the thought – and the joy and relief from stress that comes with it – that really counts!

X Marks the Spot
Locations, distances, and other geographical factors are important when you’re working on the field. Instead of painting plain dull X on important spots, you can place huge sticky notes on them bearing funny notes from you or other members of the marketing staff. These notes can help a great way in improving the atmosphere in the workplace and consequently, office productivity as well.

Works of Art
During creative brainstorming sessions, why not dispense with the usual materials and make use of sticky notes instead? They can add some fun and imagination to your work. Sticky notes can be used to create collages, mosaics, and other works of art, all of which will give you a better marketing campaign.

Naturally, sticky notes would also be of great help to your marketing campaign as promotional giveaways. They’ll be even more effective with a creative design.

Think out of the box if you want to come up with a creative design for your sticky note giveaways. Think of unusual but attractive colors, shapes, sizes, and layouts. Of course, don’t go overboard though or the whole thing could backfire on you. Lastly, remember that sticky notes, even creative-looking ones, must still be functional!

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