The Perfect Sticky Note for Marketing

How to Use Sticky Notes to Improve Marketing Results

Sticky notes are excellent products for marketing, but only when you take careful consideration in planning its design, costing, and distribution.

The standard size (3 x 3) for sticky notes is best because all companies accepting custom orders for sticky notes are sure to have ready costing computations for them. People in general are also most used to standard-sized sticky notes. Of course, special occasions can call for special sizes for sticky notes but be ready for their slightly special (read: more expensive) rates as well!

In any case, just keep in mind that smaller sizes are cuter, good for sticking in tiny and narrow places, but unable to contain much information. Larger sizes cost more but they can also contain more information and they can definitely bear a bigger logo of your company!

Use plain solid colors so that users won’t find it difficult to have their writing visible regardless of what color of ink they’re using. Of course, special colors are acceptable for – you guessed it! – special occasions.

The choice of color for sticky notes can also help in marketing if you use the colors that your company is best known for, just like purple and yellow are associated with the Lakers and red and white shades can considered a trademark of Guess? products.

Design can be seen not only in the layout of your promotional sticky notes, but also in its shape. Sticky notes can bear tiny company logos or watermark insignia of your business. Design can be text-based, too. You can print a tag line or an inspiring quote at the top or bottom of the sticky notes. Even shape can be a design in itself. There’s no law saying that sticky notes should only be square-shaped and if a circular or heart-shaped sticky note can boost your marketing campaign, so be it!

Complementary Products
More freebies are always better so consumers will be naturally delighted if you give away other and hopefully complementary products together with free sticky notes. Pens are probably the best product to go with sticky notes but you could no doubt come up with something more creative and equally useful if you only stretch your mind a bit.

Order Considerations
The quality of Sticky Notes can help or hamper your marketing efforts so make sure you order from a well-established and trusted company. Make sure you order an adequate quantity for them; remember - it’s better to have extra than end up lacking!