5 Ways for Using Sticky Notes to Improve Office Productivity

With the proper use of sticky notes, office productivity can be significantly increased as your employees become more competent, motivated, and adept at managing their time. Here are a few tips to get you started.

A Sticky Task List
Perhaps ever since its invention, sticky notes had immediately been put to good use as visible reminders of their daily tasks. And of course, why fix something that ain’t broken? If task lists based on sticky notes work well for other offices, it should work well for yours, too!

Reminders and Messages
Sticky notes are excellent ways of making sure that your message won’t be missed. Because of their adhesive quality, you can place them on locations where traditional notes or letters can’t be placed. Sticky notes can be stuck on doors, the screen of your computer monitor, or on your refrigerator---and you won’t even need a magnet! More importantly, sticky notes can be generally placed at the most visible locations. With sticky notes, employees can never use the usual “I didn’t see the message” excuse to get out of work!

Sticky notes make also good last minute and emergency reminders. If there’s no way for you to contact an employee and you won’t be around tomorrow to deliver the message personally, you can leave a sticky note on his cubicle and be assured of its delivery. In this way, you could say that the sticky note delivery system may be even more reliable than the US postal system!

Personalized Greetings
Spread some love and cheer in your workplace by distributing handwritten messages on sticky notes to your employees. It could bear a simple “good morning” or well wishes during the holidays. You can start distributing them when you’ve arrived first at work or everyone’s left ahead of you. With this, you add an element of surprise to your greeting.

Fun and Games
Although we aren’t advised to mix business with pleasure, this doesn’t mean that our work has to be difficult and boring all the time. With the help of sticky notes, you can the days at work occasionally more exciting for you and your employees. Sticky notes can be used for scavenger hunts, raffle contests, and other kinds of games.

Lastly, choose a quote for the week and write it down on sticky notes. Then, to add a little bit of mystery, place the notes in the less-visible areas of your employees’ tables or cubicles. These inspiring quotes are sure to make their day!