How to Enjoy Smashing Success with Personalized Post-It Note Giv

Using Personalized Post-It Notes as Promotional Products

Personalized post-it notes can lead to better brand recognition, increase in sales, and improved overall performance. All these, however, are only possible if your target market finds the post-it notes you’re giving away attractive and functional. Most importantly of all, the post-it notes must be able to keep your company in the forefront of their minds whenever they’re using it.

Designs must not take up the entire space of post-it notes. Nor must they be printed in such shades or hues that it is impossible for the user’s message to be visible.

The right design adds to the appeal of your business’s sticky note giveaways. If you want it to bear your company name or logo, think discretion when it comes to font type, character size, and position. If you believe a bigger logo or design is necessary, consider having it watermarked.

Colors naturally matter as well. Bold, eye-catching colors are ideal for younger and trendier markets while plain solid colors are best for older and more conservative customers.

Sure, the standard size for post-it notes is always a good choice, but it’s not always the best. Again, you need to know your target market well to determine the ideal size for your sticky note giveaways.

Something too big will require users to tear off a part of the sticky note just to make it fit. Something too small, on the other hand, will require users to make use of two notes instead of one. Either way is inconvenient and that won’t endear your company to your customers, will it?

What kind of paper are you using? The best sticky notes are those durable, excellent to write on, and nice to touch as well. Of course, better quality means higher production costs so you need to find the proper balance to please your target market without going over your budget.

Marketing Benefits
Personalized post-it note giveaways will serve your business better if it bears your company’s logo or name. If it’s distributed to commemorate company milestones, so much the better and make sure a line or two to serve as a reminder of this momentous event is included in the design.

Lastly, it’s imperative that personalized post-it giveaways are distributed to those who have the greatest need for it. Those who strongly appreciate what you give are sure to have an equally strong appreciation for the products or services you promote.