How to Create the Ideal Wedding Koozie

If you want to add a touch of humor to your otherwise elegant and romantic wedding, there’s no better way doing that than handing out wedding koozies with witty one-liners to your guests! Here are a few tips to help you design the best koozie for your wedding.

Size, Shape, and Material
You’ll be able to keep costs lower if you choose a uniform size, shape, and material for your wedding koozies.

For the size and shape, consider whether your guests will have more use for a koozie for beverage bottles or cans. As for the material, foam is the most popular choice but this tends to be more expensive and heavier. Variants to foam and neoprene are cheaper but they’re also less durable.

His and Hers
If you’re 100% sure of your guest list then you certainly can afford to create his and hers wedding koozies for your esteemed guests. You can distinguish koozies for male and female guests by the design, message, and color.

Double-Side Printing
Not every manufacturer allow for double-side printing so be sure to inquire before paying for anything. Double-side prints are ideal for wedding koozies because one side can contain the traditional message or design: the names of the newlyweds, the wedding date and venue, and perhaps a logo or symbol to go with the event. On the other side, however, is where you can let your creativity or humor loose. An innocuous message on the front could end with a great punchline at the back.

Production Process
Having finalized the design for your wedding koozie doesn’t mean your job’s over. Make sure that you’ve got everything in writing. Have the delivery date confirmed and ask what their contingency options are in case of delays. Most importantly of all, have them email you a sample design for the wedding koozie before having it printed.

When all’s that over then that’s the time you can relax and live happily ever after in marital bliss.

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